Barry, Ontario, Canada


Super informative 

by Barry
Ontario, Canada

Emily, Lancaster, PA


I have never gotten such amazing customer support in my life. I told Matt and I’ll tell you folks, I was looking at other futon companies but he gave me such detailed information and went out of his way to answer all my questions that I told him I would ONLY buy a futon mattress and cover from your company. I hope this gentleman is paid well, and I hope he gets his yearly bonus. -Emily 

by Emily
Lancaster, PA

Hanna, Brooklyn, NY


Your live chat feature was an incredible resource for me while looking around your site! I got some great advice, it was just like I was visiting a store. I feel comfortable about making a big order from this site. Thanks so much! 

by Hanna
Brooklyn, NY

Betsy, Lenox, MA


Dear Matt and Noelle,
I LOVE my new bed. I cannot thank you enough for your patience and professionalism with all of my questions. I finally got the mattress of my dreams with your recommendations! I never thought I would find the PERFECT mattress with so many options out there. I hope you can post my praises on your website so others can benefit from your help. Also the mattress arrived just when you said it would. My back and I THANK YOU!!! 

by Betsy
Lenox, MA

Eleanor, Brattleboro, VT; Age 12


The first morning I woke up on my new futon to the phone ringing. And I didn’t want to get up, I was so comfy. Thanks Goodnightmoonfuton! 

by Eleanor
Brattleboro, VT

Diane, Milford CT

I just got everyone in my family a new futon (two twin Visco Plush futons and a Traditional Six). When I ask them what they think of their new Goodnightmoon Futons they all say “So Comfy” and “I Love it”. 

by Diane
Milford CT

Dennis, Freeland WA

I just purchased a full size frame (a full KD Lounger) and was delighted. This might be unusual because I’m a professional furniture maker. My wife and I had a futon in the closet for guests for 10 yrs. As with many things lately she’s says she’s waited long enough for me to get a roundtuit. I was very impressed with the simplicity, sturdiness, workmanship and price. Certainly not something I could make myself with out alot of head scratching and considerably more resources (time&$). I so much appreciate I can buy something well made, in America, and perfectly affordable. Thanks so much and we’ll recommend you to all that are interested. 

by Dennis
Freeland WA

Kathy, Grand Rapids MI


I wanted you to know how impressed I am with your website! It’s so nice to “shop” with a site that seems like a store right around the corner instead of a “big box” place who is only concerned with getting the money! I wish you and your wife well with the business! By the way, I love the name “Goodnightmoonfuton” ……..I used to read that book to my kids at bedtime when they were little. 

by Kathy
Grand Rapids MI

Tracy, Miami FL


Matt was a great help he answered all my questions and he give me good suggestions. 

by Tracy
Miami FL

Laura, Murphysboro IL


Matt was extremely helpful. Made calls to answer all my questions. Very nice! 

by Laura
Murphysboro IL

Amelia, San Francisco CA


Great! I’m off to purchase now. This Customer Care Chat is a truly helpful feature, and I appreciate your assistance! Have a peaceful night. : ) 

by Amelia
San Francisco CA

John, Dorr MI


We just received the futon cover we ordered. It’s beautiful and much exceeded our expectations. Thank you. 

by John
Dorr MI

Christina, Valley Stream NY


I received the order today and love the futon cover. It is good quality and the shipping was very fast. I will highly recommend this website. Thanks Christina 

by Christina
Valley Stream NY

Miles, Wasilla AK


The best website shopping experience I have ever had! 

by Miles
Wasilla AK

Meredith, Ellicott City MD


Thanks for the great service!
ps – I really liked that it’s an American manufacturer. Good work! 

by Meredith
Ellicott City MD

Karen, Sterling CT


I just placed my order and I thank you for your invaluable assistance. The Otis lady knew you and was very complimentary, and now I know why. 

by Karen
Sterling CT

Kevin, Fort Wayne IN


Matt was friendly and quick to respond. He was also able to set up my price match so that it was easy to use.

by Kevin
Fort Wayne IN

Lisa-Marie, Madison, OH


Our mattress arrived today! Thank you so much for such a very fast transaction. You have made my December bright. I will make sure to keep you in mind to mention to friends and reletives that may be in need of your wares. 

by Lisa-Marie
Madison, OH

Mike, Roosevelt NJ


Thanks a lot! We just finished setting up our Haley’s and they look and feel great. 

by Mike
Roosevelt NJ

Deb, Portland , OR

Thanks again for all of your help, Matt. I’m really glad I chose your company based on the excellent customer service you provide!

by Deb
Portland , OR

Irma, New York , NY


Matt was great! He clicked on right away and answered my questions with professionalism. Also added a bit of humor, which I really appreciate in customer service! 
Thanks Matt. 

by Irma
New York , NY

Dianne, Sonoma, CA


We got our Studio Bifold & Cloud and set it up. It’s great, good color, thank you!!

by Dianne
Sonoma, CA

Lew,Brooksville, Fl


Hi Matt…..I received the Otis grip strips today and they work extremely well with my otis moonshadow mattress. Your customer service is outstanding and I could not believe just how fast I received my order….like in just two days….I was delighted to say the least. 
Thanks so much Matt for your responsiveness no matter how small the order…..Job well done and I will be sure to come back again for any of my futon needs. 
Thanks again…..Lew,….Brooksville, Fl

by Lew
Brooksville, Fl

Mary-Beth, Hopkinton, NH


Hi Matt
The bed came this week, we put it together, and it is awesome! Thanks so much for your help

by Mary-Beth
Hopkinton, NH

Northampton, MA


Matt is very professional and sweet. He was a great help.

by Liz
Northampton, MA

Monica, Oak Park, IL


Matt, I love my new Picasso Loveseat & Moonshadow futon mattress. So do my boyfriend and dog! :)
Thanks for all your help! 

by Monica
Oak Park, IL

Martin, Pasadena, CA


Matt was a great rep and very helpful. In fact because of this pleasant experience I have decided to purchase from your e-store! Thanks! 

by Martin
Pasadena, CA

Kim, Old Fort, TN


Thank you for your wonderful service. Your assistance in finding just the right fit is much appreciated. The size, color and comfort of the Madrid Convert-a-couch is everything we could hope for. It fits wonderfully within our travel camper and provides much needed additional storage space. 
Thank you again,

by Kim
Old Fort, TN

Jeanne, Baltimore, MD


Just want you to know that our custom cover arrived and it does fit like a glove…it looks great. Thanks and now that you have the measurements I will contact you when I want another cover.

by Jeanne
Baltimore, MD

Lucy, Chepachet, RI


Hi Matt,
My Haley futon was on my doorstep when I got home yesterday. I have just now set it all up. The mattress is INCREDIBLY soft and comfortable. I am sure all thee grandmas will appreciate it! Thank you for your excellent price and even more excellent service.

by Lucy
Chepachet, RI

Darla, Meeker, OK


I’ll give you a glowing report on the FU Chest.

My Fu-Chest has been delivered and it was exactly as advertised. The delivery men were pretty amazed by it. Said they’d never seen anything like it. They didn’t even know it was a bed until I told them and then they wanted me to show them how it worked.

The mattress is really cool (the air pump really does air it up in less than a minute) and hopefully it will be durable enough for the kids. It’s much more comfortable than a standard futon mattress and the fact that you can adjust the amount of air makes it customizable. The chest is solid and blends well with my other furniture.

The drawbacks were expected compared to the Z Chest. It is a bit less user friendly than the other probably would’ve been. It has to be moved completely out to open, but I am going to get some of those furniture gliders to place under it to help with sliding it on the carpet. Other than dragging it out, I can operate it by myself, which is great. It is also pretty low to the floor, but for me and most of my overnight guests that won’t be a problem.

I do wonder about the handles. They are pretty heavy duty, because they double as feet. So if they ever need to be replaced, I’m not sure where I would get anything to compare. Would it be possible to order replacements?

Thank you so much for all your help. I am very satisfied with my purchase and your service. I will recommend you if any of my friends or family decide they need a hidden guest bed. The response from them has been good, so you never know.
Thanks again!

by Darla
Meeker, OK

Susan, Newfoundland, PA


No question was a problem….quick, efficient, and friendly service…..something consumers don’t really see anymore!! thank you!
I rated it outstanding because, simply, it IS!

by Susan
Newfoundland, PA

Agnes and Matt, Spring Valley, IL


Thank you very much for the excellent customer service and help you’ve given us while purchasing a futon mattress. We are very happy with it and would recommend your company to others !
Thanks again,
Agnes and Matt

by Agnes and Matt
Spring Valley, IL

Bob, Richmond, VT


I received my Nomad Platform Bed this week and wanted to let you know how impressed I am with it. It’s solid and well made at an unbelievable price! 

by Bob
Richmond, VT

Perfect futon


The Otis Liberty is less firm than the Haley 150 but firmer than the Haley 110. Perfect for us. Excellent quality. Arrived 1 week late due to the blizzard in Buffalo. Finally, a good night's sleep without a back ache. Thanks for your help, Matt.

by Bob Vogler
Fort Collins, Colorado



I recently needed about 12 beds. Goodnightmoonfuton worked with me to get a great deal. Everything about the transaction was simple for me and perfect. Would recommend without hesitation.

by Jon Parsley
Guymon, Oklahoma