As we near the finish on the redesign of Goodnight Moon Futon, we’re sorting out the details of all our futon covers. As we’ve been updating the material and care instructions for each futon cover material, and add each futon cover to applicable categories, many have wound up in the washable futon covers category. Our washable futon covers are available in a variety of materials, most are machine wash cold and line dry recommended.

Galaxy Black Futon Cover

Neutron Red Futon Cover

Rainbow Futon Cover

Washable futon covers are great, you can take the cover completely off the futon mattress, throw it in the washing machine and hang it out to dry! No spot cleaning or expensive dry cleaning is necessary with our washable futon covers! Our washable futon covers are available in full, queen, twin and loveseat futon cover sizes

One word of caution: Follow the recommended washing instructions to avoid any shrinking.