Futon frames come in three different styles: bifold, trifold, and loveseat futon frames.

RockwellFullNatural1Bifold frames are similar in shape to a traditional sofa, they take up between 75″ to 90″ of wall space, usually have arms on the outside of the mattress and are available in full or queen sizes.

kd-chair-300Trifold frames or A-Frames, are available in three sizes: twin, full, and queen. Trifold futon frames are usually positioned with the head of the mattress facing the wall and therefore take up less wall space, great for tight spaces. Trifold futon frames are great for area’s (kids rooms, dorm rooms, etc.) where space is tight and they provide extra seating or bedding in a small package.

dillon-wch-300Loveseat futon frames are a combination of Trifold and Bifold futon frames. Loveseat futon frames take up less wall space (between 45″ and 68″) than traditional bifold futon frames, while providing a much more refined look than trifold futon frames. Loveseat futon frames are great for small apartments or guest rooms. Just because your space is tight doesn’t mean you still need to furnish it like your old dorm room.